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Devin wrote: ‘Eh, it’s a city of 10 million people & takes up not a huge amount more space than Dublin.’
That’s just not true, Devin.
If we consider the M25 as the equivalent of the M50 (even though both London and Dublin sprawl out even further) – the M25 is 150 miles long while the M50 by my very rough calculations (and including the non-existent Eastern Bypass) would be about 50 miles long if completed.
That’s only three times as much in distance terms but in area, using my very basic sums London works out at 1,786 sq miles,
Dublin by the same token even though it isn’t circular and thus loses area in Dublin Bay would be less than 290 sq miles,
You can say that Dublin now extends as far as Drogheda, Kildare, Wicklow Town etc if you want.
But remember, an awful lot of the people who live in Guildford, Milton Keynes, and so on also commute to London for work.

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