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The problem with architects is that they think more in terms of individual projects than the environment as a whole – as reflected in roskav’s and other posts so far – they look on shite engineer-draftsman designed stuff as funny or ironic, like the Mc Mansion bungalows, without getting particularly annoyed or feeling ‘it can’t go on like this’.

Alan if your drive in Ireland has only been from Belfast to Sligo as you have indicated before, and you think the article was just ‘polemic’, I think you need to drive from Dublin to Galway taking care to pass through Athlone. I’d like to hear what you think on this thread topic then.

@asdasd wrote:

[Dublin] is low rise sprawling. So is London, for most of it’s inhabitants. and sprawls more. And has no real center where people go every weekend.

Eh, it’s a city of 10 million people & takes up not a huge amount more space than Dublin. If you know south London, all those centres like Brixton, Streatham, Balham, Wandsworth, Thornton Heath…once you step off the High Streets, you’re into a dense network of 3-storey terraced streets – the density of much of London actually very high.
What about the west end? – their temple bar!!

@asdasd wrote:

We are trying to build higher density in the center. Some of the people opposed to that are also opposed to sprawl.

There are two issues there. To quote garetace there is a need to ‘separate the issues’ (sprawl & high density). It doesn’t follow that if you are against sprawl you are pro any high density.

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