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Possibly the two stupidest posts i’ve ever seen stira and shaun. Did you read the article from the irish times shown here a few weeks ago regarding the shock induced from the extent of suburban sprawl in rural ireland seen from satellite images. Or sorry, is the Irish times a D4 mouthpiece to.
Villages are being swallowed up in duplicate red brick/ mock tudor/georgian blah blah housing estates that strangle any further development of the actual village, souless retail parks popping up on every roundabout on the new bypass, bye bye town centre, hello BnQ, toy city, homebase, M&S, Sterile business parks 2 miles out of town, lets get the cars out, or maybe we could build a bungalow nearer to work, maybe they’ll build a housing estate out by the business park, mock tudor maybe, that’ll fit in. We can drive the kids to school, they’ll have to upgrade this road soon anyway.
Progress hurray, spread out the blanket of Service stations, warehouses, new roundabouts, maybe a “3-storey” apartment block with ample parking, hotels, travel taverns, out of town shopping centre…………………………
………………………………………..etc etc etc etc.
The place is being churned up, Last time i went home from westport to sligo i couldn’t help but notice the hedgerows were grey from the constant muck churning of passing lorries loaded with the spoils of another fantastic new out of town development.
I’m all for progress, but at it’s been left it in the hands of clueless tasteless fools who couldn’t give a shite about anything but there own return, sly deals and more money for the boys, throw up anything anywhere, to hell with the consequences.

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