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Listened to a conversation between two non-exercising young males recently. One of them admitted to the other, that he would consider doing some swimming as exercise, if they ever invented Ipods for under water.

I never realised the task of medical and health officials in this country is so difficult, when that is what you are up against. I was wondering does anyone have links to current stats? How fat has this country really become during the good times?

On another note, I notice for the first time in about fifteen years the ‘scare campaigns’ in student lavatories has changed from the usual ‘don’t pick up aids’ message, to ‘drinking is bad’ message. I don’t quite know how to respond to this except to say, I must be getting old, having outlived a whole ‘fatal illness’ ad campaign.

So what will really get us first? Global warming, AIDs, obesity or alcohol? For further reference, do check out writing like that of Naomi Klein and John Thackara, to understand the background to a lot of these health and well being campaigns.

Brian O’ Hanlon.

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