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I think that the design dates from around 1932, but of course older designs were used by the local authorities for long afterward.

I am amazed that no one has yet commented on the very run down state of Georges Street in Dun Laoire.

Much of the stretch near Mc Donalds is empty and in decay, despite some interesting shopfronts.

That could be correct, they certainly pre-date the pedestrianisation. Anyone got any idea of what the initials W S C-R stand for?

dc3 – that row of shops is owned by Dunnes Stores and for the last few years was sub-let on short tenancies, hence the plethora of coffee bars, internet cafes, etc. It recently became the subject of a planning application, apparently Dunnes is going to redevelop….. Hope the shopfronts are preserved. I think the old Gas showrooms is a protected building, it certainly looked much better in the pre-video shop days.

Dun Laoghaire started to die when Cornellscourt opened. Instead of agreeing to late opening, the unions of the main shops in DL (Lees, McCullaghs, Cassidys, Liptons, Findlaters) all protested and refused to work late on Thursdays and Fridays. Guss where they are now! The eastern end of the town was killed by the demolition of the Adelphi, left as a bomb-site for years, and the brick monstrosity that was eventually built there did nothing for the streetscape. Much of that building has now ben gutted and is being re-fitted.
There’s progress for ya!

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