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Thanks everyone for the advice. Where I was slightly confused before, I can happily say that after trawling through the DCC guidelines, I am now totally bemused.

The guidelines really are just that – guidelines. From what I can make out, every case it judged on its individual merits – which I suppose is exactly the way it should be. I know I would much prefer to see a well-designed house being built on a tiny site, than a poorly constructed shack on a bigger plot.

As for my own particular case, well, I have no idea. According to the guidelines, it looks like being a tight squeeze, but then you look at the new copper-curved mews house by Architects TM just off the ranelagh road by the canal, and from what I can make out it’s a bigger house but with less open space than I would have in mind. (And a super design in my opinion). So I’ll just keep ploughing ahead until I get a definite “no”…. 😀

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