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Jervis SC is hideous.

Even as a shopping centre it is already dated and grotesque.

The multi-storey car park is especially offensive and should never have been allowed.

Dublin’s skyline has been assaulted by so many of these recessed extra floors on top, such as the Irish Times building, they cannot be allowed to get away with it. It looks worse then if the upper floors were not recessed.

Did the hospital have any interesting interiors? Does anybody have any photographs? Was was the building to the south (to the right as you are looking at the main facade) like?

So many atrocities have happened in Dublin in recent years, the Westin Hotel being another example.

There are a number of opportunities now to reclaim some of Dublin
> Persuade SIPTU to build their new Liberty hall somewhere in the docklands so that the current liberty hall could be demolished and replaced with something low rise – a new abbey?
> Hawkins House could be demolised
>O’Connell Bridge House demolished

Totally unrealistic, but think of the possibilities!

PS what is happening with the Clarence hotel?

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