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The biggest and most important investment Thomas Street is ever likely to see for at least a decade is being planned right now, with works potentially beginning as early as a few months’ time. Yet there is what must be bordering on zero public awareness of it. It is the construction of the Thomas Street – James’s Street Quality Bus Corridor, currently at public consultation stage.

I have been asked by DCC to write an Archaeological Assessment of this scheme (I am a private archaeological consultant). I am just polishing it up at the moment, and came across this forum. I agree that this historically important axis is neglected, and this is important as it frames some of the most important archaeological sites in the city (esp medieval and industrial ones) and also attracts many lost tourists trying to find the Guinness attraction. I also agree that the QBC development presents a great opportunity. I am not sure how much impact my assessment will have, but thus far my main recommendations are:

-marking the sites of Newgate (at cornmarket) and James’ Gate in some way. The former with posts perhaps, as at the University of Limerick, and the latter with a traffic calming constriction of the road.
-Retention of all original granite kerbs (these are present along most of Thomas Street and to the north of James’ Street East). There are few other elements of street furniture of archaeological interest along this axis (the QBC corridor also includes High Street and Cornmarket by the way).
-Reuse of stored materials (DCC have large stores of granite) to surface the southern half of James’ Street East pavement.

I would be interested to hear any other ideas the people here have.

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