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No. 54a Thomas Street BEFORE (cut from a Grahamh photo)

No. 54a Thomas Street AFTER

PVC detailing

A building on Thomas Street – No. 54a – has had timber sash windows removed and PVC sashes put in. Maybe somebody has a better ‘before’ picture.

It’s not a Protected Structure, though it seems like it was intended to have been one. Confusion probably arose because of its ‘a’ address number. It’s marked with a red asterisk (denoting a Protected Structure) on the relevant development plan map, and it’s part of a group of four roughly uniform 4-storey Georgian buildings, the other three of which (Nos. 52, 53 & 54) are protected structures. At the last minute, somebody probably presumed 54a was a gerry-built shack beside the tall Georgians, and so it got left out of the Dev. Plan written statement, which unfortunately takes precedence over the map.

However it’s within the September 2009 Architectural Consevation Area, which enjoys the same level of protection in respect of external architectural features of its historic buildings as that of Protected Structures. And the PVC’ing has occured since then – ie. it is open to planning enforcement action (a complaint has been made).

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