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Thanks for the heads-up on this Devin. One of the few early buildings (contrary to popular belief) left on Meath Street, this school is significant in its own right, but also in how it contributes to this charming cluster of institutional buildings tucked in behind the corner with Thomas Street. Probably the strongest enclave of such in the entire area.

It is a favourite mantra of John Adddison, probably the leading structural engineer in Scotland who has pieced back everything from proscenium arches to ruins clinging on for dear life to cliff sides on the outer fringes of Atlantic coastlines, how engineers’ reports typically focus entirely on the negatives. There isn’t a single virtue mentioned in the above consultant’s report, which can only be extracted by deduction, namely that the lower levels of the building are relatively sound and the majority of external fabric survives. None of the solid parts of the structure are mentioned, while all of the compromised parts are. How can one make a reasoned decision based on this? Surely a schedule of sound and unsound parts should form the very basis of any reasoned assessment of such a structure, followed by a more detailed breakdown of defects? We only appear to have got the latter.

Lovely to see the six-over-six sashes on the rear of the presbytery, which has (or had :rolleyes:) fashionable two-over-twos to the front.

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