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@hutton wrote:

Yet the lady needs to turn left!

And I add, the driver legally did so – although with speed. The filter light indicating that she is allowed turn left is not visible to the cyclist. Unless the cyclist is already familiar with the sequence of that specific junction, as indicated on lights directed at other streets, there is no warning as to traffic coming from behind cutting left.

While i see the problem, I can speak from the point of view of someone who cycles all over this city every day, like others on this forum. The lady in the car did nothing wrong in this case – the cyclist did. He is on the inside of a left hand turning lane, therefore he should have indicated that he wanted to continue straight on with hand signals well in advance of the junction, and as he waited there. If he had indicated correctly then he would have the right of way in that situation, if however he doesn’t indicate straight on (which he hasnt) he does not have the right of way to continue straight on….

Im not against cyclists, I am one. I do however think that in situations like this people really ought to learn their road traffic act / rules of the road!!!!

On another note – the road traffic act also states that where a mandatory cycle lane is provided, cycles and motorcycles MUST use it…… Now the cycle lane (mandatory) on the churchtown road down towards Dundrum (the raised one on the footpath) MUST be used be cycles, its in the road traffic act, but that cycle lane is full of potholes… and when you cycle a 2,000 euro racer around the last thing you want is buckles in your wheels!!! wo do you use the lane and destroy your bike and claim… or do you use the road and go against the road traffic act, but still keep your bike….. Personally I use the road… but that means that I now have very very few rights of way as a cyclist…

Just a thought!

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