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Lot of crap being posted here, including this from jimg above…….”As weehamster points out, no matter what your personal opinions, the statistics are there; motorised vehicles have caused about 400 deaths a year on average over the last few years; pedestrians and cyclists have caused absolutely none.”
Duh! Which is more breakable? How many of us see pedestrians launching themselves off the sidewalk in front of an on-coming car? “It’s my right to cross the road right now” (Seems to be a phenomonen of the adolescent schoolgirl!) I exit my office car park by a narrow lane and on a regular basis pedestrians walk in front of me, when it is plainly obvious that it is “blind” Observance of traffic lights by pedestrians and cyclists is a joke. Perfectly obvious to me that there is an equal number of stroppy bs out there on foot & pedal. Darwin will rule.

I hate this nonsense: a car driver is in charge of a potentially lethal machine; freak accidents aside, pedestrians and cyclists are not, further, cars have a huge environmental and planning cost, it is wrong to pretend there is a symmetry of responsibility.

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