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@Devin wrote:

PDLL, I have had enough of you. You are a drama queen.

Bulldozergirl once managed to block garethace’s 9,000-word monologues by stuffing her thread with pictures 😀 – – so maybe if mostly pictures are put on here PDLL will shut up.

The view of the Quays & Home’s Hotel which appears in the airport.
– an engraving after a drawing by W.H. Bartlett, from Ireland Illustrated, 1831. The bridge is the same one that’s there today!
ctesiphon, there doesn’t seem to be any record of the architect.

View from Sean Heuston Bridge before Frank Sherwin Bridge was built – (Sam’s bank about to be hung from its core in the distance).
Gorgeous bridge, but relegated to spare part status when FS Bridge was built beside it in ’82. But I suppose it has had a happy ending as a Luas bridge.

Frank Sherwin Bridge.

The quays look superb in that old engraving/print. It is sad to see that this part of the city has badly regressed with time. It needs a major overhaul. What a shite view in the last photo!

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