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Roof-line sets a maximum height for the profile of set-back floors. A single set-back storey of 3m (±0.5m) may be permitted on buildings with four-storey frontage. Two set-back storeys, amounting to 6m (±1m) in total, may be permitted on buildings of greater height. Set-back storeys are permissible if it is demonstrated by applicants that they do not impact on the daylighting of the street, i.e. through sunpath studies. They must be set back minimum 1.5m from the building line to mitigate their visual impact. The roof profile should provide a rich and varied roofscape, and therefore it is recommended that they incorporate at maximum 12m intervals either a change in height of minimum 1m or a change in setback depth of minimum 1m. The architectural treatment of the setback storey can incorporate roof pitches and materials distinct from the elevational treatment.

Shoulder-line defines the required level of the façade parapet, and is set at different continuous heights in different parts of the study area in response to existing building heights. This shoulder line is key to providing continuity and enclosure to the street. Where a set-back floor is provided, a balustrade may be added in this plane provided it is of open construction and does not continue the main elevation treatment above the parapet. So the overall general height will be capped at 23m with the taller buildings being capped at 32-32m

Base-line marks the transition from the more public ground-and first-floor to the more contained residential and commercial floors above. The base-line is set at
5m (±1m) over grade for buildings of a façade height of four storeys, equivalent to ground floor height; and at 8m (±1m) over grade for all taller buildings, corresponding to ground and first floor height taken together. This part of the elevation should be characterised by continuous active frontage, with double-height shop fronts where appropriate.

The Local Area Plan stipulates a general shoulder height of 20m, rising to 26m (±1m), equivalent to eight residential storeys, is acceptable on specific parcels at the junction of Pembroke Road and Lansdowne Road, and represents no net increase on the established urban scale at this location.

if you look at th elocal area plan, it is allowable to have a blanket coverage of 23m across the Jurys site with 33m at the corner. The plan makes no mention of buildings double the height of those adjacent.

The plan also sets out building lines for the sites – effectively carving up the sites – which they state are “non-negotiable”

It’s actually a worthwhile read and all available free at

The crucial thing for Dunne and the developers on larger sites will not only be the height but also the plot ratio that they will be allowed to acheive.

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