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Rightly or wrongly, the average paddy does not give a damn about the present construction sector. To him it is synonymous with in-your-face builders/developers/estate agents and is glad to see them get their comeuppance. He wants, and believes that it will come, a construction industry that provides a quality product at a fair price. That is why Paddy is not buying.

I was reading that paragraphy again by KerryBog and it struck me, that the housing departments of the local authorities really do have to be thrown in with the developer, builders and estate agents. They are every bit as much a part of the present problem as anyone else. People tend to draw lines between public and private when in fact one can substantially affect the other. What we need is a good rental model, that will serve both the housing assisted and housing un-assistanted occupants together in the same place. If that means that residential communities require their own security, then so be it.

Brian O’ Hanlon

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