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There is something very surreal about these projects the papers are full of a failing market but you have to work to even tighter deadlines to put the new co in! Almost like a timewarp back to the boom for 2 -3 months!

That is the distinct impression I get from asking around. Some construction professionals are busier than they ever have been. Others are doing nothing at all. In the midst of all of that, I haven’t seen or heard a squeek from anybody regarding some kind of a larger master plan. (Including public service paid planners) I have a bit more to say on that matter, but need to sit down to properly gather it together into a blog entry maybe.

2003/04 is the last time I used a keyboard to publish anything thoughtful for wider consumption. (You can probably still find some of it back in the vaults of 1000+ entries at Archiseek) Back then I was still an angry, if somewhat older than average, university student. Even then I was too old to protest and beat a metal drum. I am definitely too old for doing it now. I have to wonder what has happened to the younger generation. Why aren’t they getting organised, active and vocal, either as groups or individuals? ? ? It might give me a break and allow me to get on with the job of being an average bloke.

Brian O’ Hanlon

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