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It’s not beyond the bounds of imagination to conserve these buildings AND to add infill behind.
Anybody on here knows the Trinity science block, which abuts Westland Row?
The houses in Westland Row are nothing to write home about, BUT they are a continuous, unbroken, unadulterated row. The interstitium is filled with a glazed atrium which has access at various levels to the thoroughly modern, functional buildings behind.
The architects took the opinion that the new buildings would have a finite life, hence when in 15/20 years they have to be rebuilt, they can be, without damaging the fabric of the original buildings on Westland Row.

It’d certainly make for a nice shopping experience than some glass and marble, air conditioned, security-guard patrolled shopping centre.

Limerick City Council should adopt an attitude of what we have, we hold.
Although, having just learned that they voted to delist the boat club, these morons could do anything.

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