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Can’t say I’m a big fan of any infill in Limerick, but I’d certainly probably put that example ahead of other contenders, such as the hideous spectacle opposite the former Co. Co. offices further up the street.

It will probably look reasonable in another ten years too, which is saying more for it than many other new developments. The warm tan/cream colour seems to work far better than white in terms of simulataneously making things a bit less gloomy on a typical Limerick rainy day, but unlike the white, it’s not quite as much begging to become a billboard to show up the grime.

Also rather good the way it keeps (or restores) the line at the top of the buildings between its two neighbours which are shorter than the adjoining terrace.

However, the random “boxes” for windows is not aesthetically pleasing enough for my liking, and fairly bland too despite the random element. It’s not remotely on the same level as the pleasing arrangement of windows and detail on the adjoining two buildings. It does compare favorably though with infill I’ve seen on the continent in historic settings – it’s probably about the best we can do other than reproductions (at least for facade).

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