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I like the sky view pic, I think it looks fantastic. It doesn’t look cheapish at all. I do like how they incoparated the Georgian into the whole front of the complex.

Guy’s would you f**** lay off the pognance for a while. Seroously. Like what are you looking for instead.

Irish people really have no innovation or radical minds. Really none of you have, none of you can come up with something bettter. But whinge all day long. Bottom line none of you will be happy. It’s all so easy to be so negative. Every deveolopement will have its positive and negatives. Irish people prefare to sit all day and moan about how it’s not up to the job. If you don’t like it, come up with something better. If you don’t have anything and you don’t have your money out on the table. I suggest you shut up. Life goes on.

Will you all bloody smile for once.:rolleyes:

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