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@PVC King wrote:

I think for once M Cullen was right.

CIE brought this as part of a much wider Dublin Rail Plan in early 2004 and given the failure to complete Luas first time out at least 4 of the poins were decided i.e. Hueston mainline, Stephens Green Luas, Pearse Station Dart and Spencer Dock.

TP, as the task was to devise a line which would link the Northern DART line with the Kildare line, it seems likely that Heuston Station would be one of the points through which the line would pass.

But the others?

Spencer Dock? Why not Connolly Station, for example?

Pearse Station? Why not Tara Street? It’s busier, after all, on a line which serves both stations. This would seem to be an indication that more people want to go to Tara Street than Pearse Station.

St. Stephen’s Green? Why was it important that the line go through here?

(And please don’t say “integration” -this particular route would have been useful for integration between DART and LUAS. However, the big loop it requires would place it much farther away from the majority of the city’s bus passengers than a more central route. Don’t forget, the city’s buses carry many times more people than the Green LUAS line. It’s true that you can alter bus routes, but you can also extend a LUAS line. And, whaddayaknow, that’s the plan. And it was also the first project which Martin Cullen prioritised on taking office.)

The only real choice was where you put te High Street/Christchurch stop or if ore stops were added. .


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