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I think for once M Cullen was right.

CIE brought this as part of a much wider Dublin Rail Plan in early 2004 and given the failure to complete Luas first time out at least 4 of the poins were decided i.e. Hueston mainline, Stephens Green Luas, Pearse Station Dart and Spencer Dock. The only real choice was where you put te High Street/Christchurch stop or if ore stops were added.

If one looks at the civilised approach adopted by CIE at Stephens Green and compares it to the metro it makes a very stark contrast. The most tragic thing is that we will be back here again in 10-15 years time when the line is to be extended and will face a backdrop where between 2001 and 2020 where trucks and ancillary n disturbance will have been foisted on the area probably for a period of c 9 years.

Hardy fitting for the core retail district.

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