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The basic question is are we prepared to take the pill required to deliver transport infrastructure. Is Dublin willing to do what Boston did? We’re focussed on the Green here, but all along the route of both currently proposed metros and other luas lines, people will face chaos for the best part of 5 years each. What is the alternative? Not just for this location, but for the City as a whole.

The alternative is to future proff the project by moving the end of the current line away from the central business district to a selected inner most suburb where retail and office activities will not be effected by the thousands of movements of spoil.

The alternative is to select a site which has no heritage or tourist value such as Mount Pleasant Park, Cathal Brugha Barracks or Harolds Cross Hospice.

The alternative is to ensure that he other section of the green doesn’t have to excavated in 10-15 years time when the line is extended.

The alternative is to extend the length of planning control where development contributions and higher densities can be leveraged.

This project is nothing compared to Boston’s big dig; it is a simple narrow gauge underground line; the DLR underground if you will and the costs of extending it a mile or so are less than nothing but the externalities of pursuing this version will be significant damage to the retail core for three years whilst the Mount Anvil brigade go to Dundrum instead as they have no where to be seen on a sunny day.

I mentioned this to my partner and her reaction was only in Dublin

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