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@alonso wrote:

Do you reckon 20,000 a day use Stephen’s Green? i dunno about that but it would be interesting to see how many would be discommoded (surely in the EIS )

You miss the point, its not about people being temporarily discommoded.

No point either getting bogged down in numbers or this argument, i stated 20k per year, not per day, trinities student population is just over 15k, i doubt either of us have accurate daily footfall & i’m not suggesting that the green is higher by day.

@alonso wrote:

SSG attracts more work, lesiure and retail trips than College Green

But not college green, nassau st, pearse st & westland row, no need for an entrance within the confines of the college itself.

No gain in going further with hypothetics, if your not bothered about the green being permanentaly & significantly altered, the point of this thread, well fair enough.

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