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The Eircom building is not one that would be demolished for a number of reasons;

1. Block C starts 2 floors down
2. Daimer Hall is protected
3. Eircom is good space with functional air-con etc

If you were going down that route it would be more likely that Russell House / Stokes Place owned by Treasury Holdings would be the one as it will be redeveloped in a manner capable of delivering a higher percentage uplift in floor space due to a road network and surface carpark forming a large proportion of the site.

It is however more remote and developing underground pedestrian routes under buildings is very time consuming. A Cross rail interchange will open at Tottenham Court Road W1 in 2016, TfL have already taken vacant possession of a number of the buildings that will form part of that scheme as of Feb 2009 a full 7 years prior to completion.

I fully agree that St Stephens Green cannot be wantonly destroyed in the manner proposed but equally I can’t see the location for a rail terminus inside the canals without disproportionate expense or irreversable destruction.

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