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I did skim the whole thread. It seemed to me that terminating the Metro at College Green was what was being proposed. I know there were also proposals to build the station over the roadway around the Green, although I don’t think the roadway is wide enough to avoid damaging the Green. And Stephen’s Green has the advantage of being an interchange between the Luas, Dart and Metro, which is something that would be very hard to replicate elsewhere, especially as the original plan to join the Green Line and Metro North is never likely to be done, due to major technical difficulties.
If you could spell out your vision for how the Metro, Luas and Dart should be laid out in the city centre I would genuinely be very interested in hearing it.
I do recognise that damaging the Green is a shame, but I would not say it is a tragedy, and in this case, the rewards more than make up for it.

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