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@weehamster wrote:

I’m really starting to get pissed off at the moaners here who don’t want this project for really petty reasons.

You can put your block capitals away weehamster. Where did i state that i didn’t want the project or that it wasn’t necessary ? The interconnector and to a lesser extent, metro north, are crucial infrastructure projects for the city, thats not the issue. If you’d read back through any of the thread you’d realise that much of the comment was concerned with alternative construction sites to SSG that could be reinstated exactly as is, i.e. not permanently altered.

To see O’Connell Street being dug up again a few years after its been completed is frustrating, but necessary it seems, and anyway, nobody should know the difference once all is done.

Why the adjacent under utilised road space cannot be used to at least reduce the impact on the green has not been answered, and that is pretty much the point.

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