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@PVC King wrote:

Surely if the TBM is to be encapsulated in the medium term then all they need to put in are entrances; if the project were to involve encapsulating the machine and if they built 3 entrances then none of them would need to be much more than 1,000 sq feet each. The way that Oxford Circus has been done could be very effective with say 4 exits at various points i.e. one for Luas, one for Grafton Street and another for Dawson St which would involve minimal disruption based on small scale interventions vs a cavernous entrance; what would be required would be to have a significant interchange with interconnector underground and then three sets of escalators to the three seperate entrances with both networks merged at the higher of the two platform heights.

What still doesn’t seem to be clear is why the interconnector – if it is to be built and if it is to be run at the currently proposed fraction of its capacity – needs to be built through St. Stephen’s Green.

As was previously illustrated on this thread, a much shorter (and cheaper) route would achieve exactly the same purpose.:confused:

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