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@CC105 wrote:

The park is fantastic and should be easy enough to fix up after the line are built. If there is a lack in confidence of this happening then this is a different issue.

This is the issue & the point of this thread. Even if you don’t care about the damage to the Green itself, this will raise the ire of every conservation lobby & rightly so, with inevitable delay. I’d suggest that even the pro M3 lobby, given all thats happened, are quitely wondering if there was not in fact a better way.

@notjim wrote:

But gunter, PF’s objection isn’t to the disruption, or to the hole in the ground, but specifically to the permanent damage to the green.

Cheers notjim, permanent damage is the problem. I’d have no issue with the entireity of St. Stephen’s Green west & north being excavated, they can be returned exactly as is. Perhaps they figure that its easier to plunder the green itself & put up with a grumbling public than excavate valuable roadway space & god forbid, upset business.

I’m just waiting for the RPA to appease us with the notion that only the finest mature specimens will be planted as recompense. Bullshit. Its not possible. Planting anything older than 30 years, positively juvenile in the context of the green, is extremely difficult. The rate of attrition is huge and add to the fact that mature specimens are stagnant for years while they get to grips with their forced surroundings.

So we’ll have some shiny new trees that scream of botched interference, completely out of context and coupled with a proliferation of visible metro associated structures, you may as well start again.

We don’t do trees in Dublin City, what we have in the main are dotted around in an incoherent, haphazard mess as part of sticking plaster initiatives to clean up declining urban pockets. No grand vision, no landscape design.

One place where they got it right is St. Stephen’s Green.

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