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@Rory W wrote:

40 year old plan as seen in old secondary school books do not an effective plan make

Yeah I know those old plans were a complete joke, just as the transport system of decades ago was , they lacked integration, were lacking in true vision, lacked enviromental impact studies, expensive paving stones, clean modern aesthetic form… what a joke those old plans probably didnt even have an abundance of consultants working on these.
And worst of all the main train journey times on those old plans were actually shorter, which if we had them today would give us less time to sit in the carriage working on our laptops devising plans to spend billions to improve the service and time.
Iarnród Éireann admits journey times are longer

Thankfully those awful days of faster train journeys are well and truly behind us as real visionaries are working on improving the lives of all those who take public transport.. just depends on when you set the clock, would that be improvements relative to the 90s,80s or 70s your looking for there.
ha ha ha I say let the same apes who oversaw development of Irelands national rail loose on Stephens Green and I dont mean the ones up in dublin zoo… add in the talk of a congestion charge and traffic diversions being put in place to prepare people for the impact of the work, before the work commences.. I think one could say the fun has well and truly started… this is going to be hilarious.

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