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@Rory W wrote:

I thought you wanted to go via Tara, rather than Pearse? At least be consistant.

It doesn’t matter to me which route it takes. I’d simply like to see a proper assessment of the various options for an East-West line across the city – remember, the highest capacity line ever to be built in Ireland. These include the 1970s route, the route which we were presented with in the “consultation” and other possible routes (e.g. a Heuston-College Green/Dame Street-Spencer Dock option). There is no evidence available yet that this has occurred.

While the damage to the park should be kept to a minimum you don’t however seem to mind ripping up College Green however which is one of the busiest areas (transport and pedestrian wise) of the city as well as surrounded by some of the most historic buildings in the city.

I don’t mind it at all. Because it would be easy to restore it to its current state or, better still, to eventually pedestrianise it. Munich’s Marienplatz would be a fine example of a city square under which there is a transport interchange. And it’s right in the centre of that city, with plenty of historic buildings in the vicinity of the lines. Unfortunately, in Dublin it is proposed to avoid the centre with the country’s highest capacity line.

College Green/Dame Street is busy for a reason. It’s right in the centre of the city. Construction there would cause disruption, almost certainly more than would be the case in a less central location like St. Stephen’s Green. It would just have to be dealt with, and lived with.

{It would, for example, surely be possible to build a tunnel from, say, Newtownmountkennedy, to the southside DART line without causing disruption to anyone, probably indeed without anyone even noticing that construction was underway. That is not necessarily an indication that the route chosen was the correct one, or that a tunnel was the best option.:D)

Yes but not realistic ones

Now Rory, we were talking about possible routes for the interconnector. Am I getting here your (considered) opinion or the conclusions of some high level report into possible routes. (A report which seems to be presently unavailable for viewing by the public),

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