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St Stephens Green could this be Eyre Sq squared in the making…

I was thinking about this whilst weeding the veggies last night and I came up with the solution to one problem, who do we get to demolish I mean turn the sanctuary that is St Stephens Green into Grand Central Terminal.
We should get the same crowd who made a bollix of Eyre Square to do the the work on St Stephens Green. They have a proven record in meeting the required criteria for this job, cost overrun, shoddy workmanship, uninspiring aesthetic, substandard material, worker walkouts, time delay, and massive inconvenience to surrounding small business some of which went out of business. Not to mention the exhorbitant cost, 9 million, not including litigation from small firms in the area, plus all the compo for those injured on the cheap chinese paving slabs, that is after all what the tourists come here for, to see our chineese slabs… we are on a winner. Its not like we need that wasted money for anything else either like schools,hospital beds, playgrounds etc.
Everyone can relax and rest easy knowing that this project will follow in a long line of mediocre public projects, in fact the St Stephens green development could aspire to be the epitome of mediocrity and ineptitude , is that some kind of misnomer, epitome of medicority.
Anyways if we are lucky maybe all the same people who were involved in the mini-debacle that was Eyre Sq, the designers, engineers, architects, planners, politicians will be available to relocate to Dublin on taxpayers shilling to have a lash at St Stephens Green , unless of course theres already a coeterie of such in Dubhlinn with time on their hands now that the tiger has legged it 😀

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