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@CC105 wrote:

Dont agree with much of this article, where is the balance. The metro lines will be of equal if not more importance to the city than the park once actually built. The park is fantastic and should be easy enough to fix up after the line are built. If there is a lack in confidence of this happening then this is a different issue. There will indeed be some pain to endure while these lines are being built but shortermism should not be considered. These lines will serve the city for years longer than they will take to build. Hardly a surprise that significant work will be involved in building 2 metro lines.

Ducks worried about air vents!!!

You see, that’s the problem with the article; it tries to set up a choice between the Green and the metro and if that’s the choice, the answer will be metro. However, that shouldn’t be the point, the point should be: what can be done to reduce the permanent impact of the metro works on Stephen’s Green.

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