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I’ve been to London, Chicago, San Francisco, New York, Paris, Amsterdam, Rome, Edinburgh,.and I wouldn’t live in any of them over Dublin. Some days you might get frustrated at a late train or a bridge strike. The staff in the local shop may be ignorant and a soft drink may be €2.80 in city centre pubs. The house prices may be huge and the boardwalk may be littered with junkies. There might not be much hi-rise and it may rain a lot. Even Grift might be scrawling his name on every bare wall in town.
But I still wouldn’t swap it for any other city, whatever their problems or advantages may be.

aaaaaaaaggghhhhh don’t remind me! i have to look at a house in Fairview tonight and i work in Citywest. Talk about mission impossible, do i really want to spend 2 hours in traffic? How else does one cross this city on less than 2 buses or one bus and one train and in less than 2 hours? No other way, is the answer.

Like all other the cities i’ve been to they have their advantages and disadvantages

For example i found Zurich alomst utopian until i noticed all the junkies jacking up in broad daylight!
Still though as a city i think we are getting less friendly compared to other places i have been recently (for example in England most people are really bloody nice and take time to talk to you instead of the ‘hey-you -thats-2-EURO-50-now-get-out’ attitude here 😮 )
anyway back to buildings…yeah its one thing we lack, in a no mans land between the romantic architecture of europe and the towering sleekness of America….

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