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@BostonorBerlin wrote:

Could we ever a have a more Dublin-centric love fest than all this. Kieran Rose would be proud. Its (missing apostrophe) brought a tear to my eye . Makes me want to go out an (assume “and”?) hug one of those handsome buildings. It was all worthwhile sure there was improvement (grammar?) . Ryanair are laying on extra flights from OECD countries for all those clammering to see the astounding qualtiy of our architectural remnants of the boom .

Or maybe the building boom isnt (missing apostrophe) over.. just ask the OPW they are up the walls renovating offices for fallen heroes.

be a good fellow wearnicehats and run spell checker on that for me .

be a good fellow mickletterfrack and slag off foreigners so we can get rid of you again

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