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Its not over. Its a dip. It happens in every country all the time. The world is shaky atm.

The problem is the leaders of this country. The economist’s told them the signs, the peoples told them the signs and the signs around them told them the signs.
What did the government do? ABSALOUTLEY nothing. This is why its a sudden crash in the builidng sector.

It will pick up eventually It will never peak like the celtic tiger, but the country will balance out in a few years. The whole world is experiencing the depression atm. So would you all give yourself some slack here and calm down. This happened in the UK a generation ago. They have picked up, amazing isn’t it. Now would people stop focusing on only the negatives. Confidence can be restored and building can start again.

Liverpool, Manchester and Birmingham are experiencing boom times right now. The country isn’t though. Its about driving and asserting a region to prosper. The people are positive, so the economy is positive. Soaring high rises are being built in Liverpool right now.

Limerick is an example in Ireland where development is driving ahead.

Ireland and especially the f*** fianna fail have to learn to grow up, this is the lesson we need to learn after the self centering celtic tiger..

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