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@BostonorBerlin wrote:

yep I knew Id regret getting into a debate with this fool but here goes, just cos you paraphrase Wilde dont delude yourself into thinking your having an original thought…

I know it must be hard for you to parralel process multiple concepts at the same time, that might explain why you made the mistake of thinking I was countering child mortality rates with housing affordability. If I had known you would have that difficulty Id have put the text in different colours.

Your the one that implied mean incomes had improved to the point whereby we should be ecstatic, so what dumbass , if housing costs have increased at a faster rate we are net worse off, thats the counter arguement to your drivel about wages increase, we dont even have to bring the increase in personal debt into it.

I didnt even begin to address the wonderful benefits in healthcare your on about, granted a few pluses, but
throw a stick out the door of your shoebox apartment and you will hit a plethora of failings in health services, just cos a few people gave up the dodgy fry cos they have to beat the traffic in the morning and heart disease is down a bit. Are you seriously saying the health service is in relativistic better shape and represnts some kind of value for money ROI and is somthing to be proud of.

heh dude at this stage, aesthetically, socially, economically if you really dont think and therefore don’t believe your losing out on anything then i guess your not. Nice to see we have some posters from Sadir City though.

back on topic .. building boom is over .thaks be to f*&Kno more chance of the same crap being constructed around the shop..Can someone sign me up for the guided tourist trail tours of landmark signature Celtic Tiger buildings I believe it starts and ends in Ranelagh some would have you believe.

You are = you’re

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