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@Devin wrote:

In fairness, Dick Gleeson and Kieran Rose should not be mentioned in the same sentence. There is a quantum difference between the two in terms of understanding of the city and critical analysis of development. Dick Gleeson is a brilliant planner, probably the best the city has ever had. Kieran Rose has no critical faculties working and has rubber-stamped almost every major city-centre development proposal he has dealt with in the past 3 to 4 years (I can substantiate that if necessary), which is then invariably heavily modified/refused on appeal.

If the two of you are carrying a gripe against D Gleeson for some other reason, like you feel he ignores your area or something, maybe you should say so instead of making cheap digs on the internet against someone in a position.

Point taken, but internet messageboards exist for cheap digs- I ‘ve been on the receivingend of plenty in my time. Am prone to putting the post up before engaging my noggin but you can’t defend any of our senior officials when they have done nothing to nurture the kind of agenda they pontificate about in real terms.

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