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@hutton wrote:

Very well put. I wonder what David Norris’s opinion was of the piece…

Devins snap of Venice is a hoot and most appropriate.

While grandstanding as a progressive agenda, imo in reality Rose’s “vision” is restricted and dangerous. It is narrowed by what to me seems an ideologically-driven pseudo-modernist dogma. He doesnt seem to get the basics regarding the need to keep worthwhile period buildings – while also encouraging good quality new development where appropriate. Imo his outlook of new-and-shiny-is-good-while-old-is-bad is a type of world view that is allowing significant decay to occur on Thomas, James, and other Streets.

I find it depressing that it is not only Rose, but also Glic Dick Gleeson that seem to be focused only on The Big, New, and Shiny – see – meanwhile key city centre streets, such as Westmorland, are dying in front of our eyes. Rather than moving on protecting essential urban fabric, I would argue, that the lads are by way of flag-waving on much higher projects, rendering site values far more profitable than existing building values – and thus, are in effect encouraging dereliction and blight. 🙁

Back on topic; tbh we have had a boom unprecedented since the 18th century – London has got the Gerkin in the same time; do we have a similar land mark? Perhaps not. But on the other hand, we have been fortunate to get some good quality regeneration where previously we had rot. To get the ball rolling, a few examples I’d propose:

The Harcourt Building:

Mick Wallaces “Little Italy”:

Dunnes Stores on Sth Gt Georges Street (though not it’s mimic on Henry St :mad:)

Also the developments at Grand Canal Dock (with the exception of the ghastly 60’s-style tower on the bridge) seem to be reasonably good quality – and, despite some problems, I’d also throw in Paddy Kellys other development on the west side of Smithfield.

And for fun – while also noting a job well done in retrofitting carbuncles, the Marlborough Street Car-park, and the Drury Street Car-park:

Thank you for articulating my inner fury over this fucking guff masquerading as urbanist insight. If dick mcglick and this eejit want to foster creative capital (awful term) use whatever policy shaping powers they have to drive this agenda, not chin stroking nonsense. There hasn’t been a neighbourhood in the city since 1980s temple bar where artistic types could pursue a commercial/creative lifestyle organically, if this city had decent public transport somewhere like Phibsboro would have evolved into their coveted boho quarter organically without the need for the SP of the city to spout such fucking arrogant shite. Let’s all go squat Liffey island and have a 1980s- Hamburg style takover of a defensible space and create our own cultural space. F### OFFICER-LED URBANISM.puerile nonsense

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