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@gunter wrote:

I’ve had three days of Leonard Cohen coming in the windows, then Frawleys gets the chop and now this!

You need to read Kieran Rose in the Irish Times today (yesterday, whatever), he reckons Dublin could be ‘the next global creative city’!

We just have get rid of our limiting mindsets!

Kieran Rose is pretty much in charge of planning in this city, so he would know what he’s takling about.

In the 6 weeks or so since I last put finger to keyboard I’ve been struck down by the general ennui and malaise that seems to be effecting the country. This fascinating debate on the pink vote is as interesting as the forums have been for a while now

All I can say is that I’m up to me bollocks in work, even more so since “thedownturn”. Developers still want to develop, it’s the banks that have stagnated everything. As a consequence live projects are having their programmes cut and budgets are being squeezed – all of which creates workload. As does the classic office ploy of using economically straitened times to rid the workplace of overpaid wasters. Paradoxically. the good thing is that, as developers try to get funding, they must show evidence of cash flow so they’re paying fees.

we all need to hang tight – it’s the 7 year itch. we nosedived in 87ish, 94ish, 01ish and now 08ish. roll on 2010

BTW – I thought Kieran Rose was no longer “the man” in planning terms

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