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You have made some very good points yourself Tommy,

Some people have been very quick to jump onto a heritage angle to object to some schemes when they have no other grounds of objection, although I would say this can be tied to residents associations more so than An Taisce or the Georgians.

I also agree on the site opposite Westland Square as being the worst of the lot as well with land values of at least 20m an acre there really is no excuse for lands to be lying there totally unused and entirely deviod of even amenity value.

Then there is the site opposite the proposed demolitions that has another surface car park it is small but really again there is no excuse it really should be the subject of a CPO if the owners don’t submit a development proposal within the next 12 months.

One thing is for sure Pearse more than any other Street in Dublin needs extensive rejuvination and a few fiscal incentives would not be uncalled for.

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