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Another article crippled by exaggeration and bad logic.
For example: ‘A little known European Community report from 1988 makes for interesting reading. Authored by a Professor Serratosa … Going North, Serratosa recommended one motorway from Dublin to Belfast along the N2 Slane road, which would have serviced Drogheda and Navan with feeder roads. And because the expense for only one motorway was required, it could have been toll-free.’
That is not interesting – it’s suicidal. Expecting a single junction at Finglas to manage all the traffic currently using the N1, N2, and N3 when it cannot manage as it stands is just ridiculous.
“Three motorways in Co. Meath – all parallel within a few miles of each other, and all with the same destination – Dublin.” – One of these motorways (the M1) passes through Co Meath for just a couple of miles, services Dublin Airport and also has a destination of Belfast and the entirety of eastern Northern Ireland.

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