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I understand we are car dependant but why cant we change that? What about rail.

The problem with the M1,M3, M4, M7 and the M50 is that none of them go past the outskerts of the city. We still have a problem getting them from the M50 into the city centre.€850 million is to be spent on the M50 and it wont make any difference on the traffic congestion inside the M50.

Now, rail can move commuters in such numbers that roads could only dream about.. At the moment there are about 4000 vehicles passing through the N3/M50 Jtn at peak times.
Now Irish Rail have a plan (part of the Greater Dublin Intergrated Rail Plan) to reopen the old Navan line, but only as far as where the Rail line croses the N3 (having a Park & Ride station there) This will be a DART which will join the Maynooth line (which also is to be upgrade to a DART). When finished, 14,000 commuters will pass the N3/M50 Jtn every hour. 14,000 or 4,000 (even after the M50 upgrade, this figure wont be much higher) . Rail is just superior when it comes to commuting.

And rail bring you straight into the city centre. No jams or parking worries

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