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In my opinion Fingal cannot even manage development in the small villages that dot the coast line north of malahide never mind building a new city. Over the last 15 years villages like Rush and Balbriggan have seen huge amounts of residential development but very little else (some call this urban sprawl!). By allowing all this development on farmland, areas like Kilbarrick have seen an exodus of younger people to such an extent that the schools there are closing whilst there is a defecit up the coast. Some control on development in these areas would have meant that Dublin City Council would have had to look seriously at densification in existing suburbs with better access to the city and much better infrastructure, social and otherwise. I think that the whole Swords idea is simply a way of glossing over the massive failures in strategic planning that they oversaw and proposals for a new Croydon or Milton Keynes seem outmoded to me. We dont need a new city in Swords we just need better services for existing areas.

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