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Frank Taylor

The 3 city councils involved have all added it to their development plans.

Here’s a question and reply asked last December in DLR council:

Question: Councillor S. Fitzpatrick
“To ask the Manager for an update on the Sutton to Sandycove Cycleway project?”

“A second Feasibility and Preliminary Design report on the Sutton to Sandycove Promenade and Cycleway project was commissioned by Dublin City Council some time ago. Officials from Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council were on the Steering Committee overseeing the preparation of the Report. While a draft Final Report was submitted to the Steering Committee this draft was not acceptable to our representatives and other members of the Steering Committee. To date it has not been possible to agree a draft of the Final Report acceptable to all members of the Steering Committee.

It is the Council’s view that the S2S project as originally conceived is no longer feasible given environmental concerns raised by the NPWS and that this needs to be reflected in the Final Report.

Dublin City Council have been asked by us to complete a Final Report representing the views of the Steering Committee and make it available for circulation but have not done so to date.”

I guess that the NPWS concerns refer to the Booterstown marsh.

Dublin City Council has an EIS with ABP since June 09 for the 2km Bull Island section.

Dun Laoghaire Council recently proposed a contraflow bike lane through Newtown Avenue, Blackrock, as a coastal bike lane would not be feasible at that point. I think this would lead onto a bike lane on seapoint avenue before veering down to the coast again at Seapoint bathing spot. It would continue along the seafront past Monkstown to Dun Laoghaire.

There is a suggestion for a shortcut bridge from Eastpoint to Clontarf that looks nice to me.
(although this may just be fantasy)

Realistically, I guess we are 10 yrs away from seeing this complete. It would be great amenity for the city both for practical use and for fun so it’s a pity that everything else takes priority and that it didn’t get more attention during the boom years.

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