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It seems odd to me that the East Wall people would object to something that would route people through the neighbourhood and I am surprised the Dublin Cycling Campaign is championing something that for much of it length segregates cyclists from cars.

Surprise, surprise, the cycle path proposal ties in with the Dart Underground Railway Order.
Dublin City Council proposed and passed (with little consultation locally) a cycle path along West Road and under a new Rail over road bridge, and on via West Road (West) to cross Sherriff Street, and a little too late the East Wall Residents realized that the new bridge was a ploy to allow for HGVs working on DU to drive through their streets. Since then, they have successfully blocked the linking cycle bridge across the Tolka.
The true coastal cycle path should be along East Wall Road to the O2 and south by the toll bridge.

The new Rail over road bridge would also prevent the successful connection of the Maynooth line to the DART Underground (as proposed).
PVC as usually shoots his mouth off without any research into the subject. so much for ESAT residents …. LOL

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