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Whatever the architectural value you may see in this, it is unsuitable for what it was built for and it comes as no surprise that it will not be missed when and if it is demolished.
It looks like a warehouse – inside and out. It is totally unsympathetic to its purpose.

Don’t necessarily agree that it is unsuitable for its purpose Gianlorenzo, its served fairly well for 28 years. Ok, it doesn’t look good, particularly the exterior, but as mentioned it was constructed with the cheapest of materials. It could have been substantially better.

I don’t think it should be held up as an example of modernism, its just a church on a budget.
I decided to post it because of some basic similarities with other STW stock from the time. I always found it strange that the church (given their budget) approached a big firm in the first place & that they actually took it on.

Often thought it might do as a community centre Prax. Not really suitable for warehousing, its at the centre of the area, adjacent to shops, pub etc.

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