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@Peter FitzPatrick wrote:

Are there many churches designed by Scott Tallon Walker in Ireland ?
I’m aware of Christ the King in London & my own fairly modest local church in Kingswood Heights.

It never really endeared itself to locals or various priests & will likely be demolished in the next year or two.

Completed in 1979, its a fairly simple design, poorly executed with bargain basement materials.
I quite like the actual design myself & would prefer to see it saved & upgraded, but i’m a lone voice on this one.
The plain block exterior which was once white (as was the interior) has been let go & was last painted in a ‘maintenance saving’ grey. I’ve posted a few images below …

So any thoughts or opinions ?
Any images of other STW churches ?

Are you really surprised?
Whatever the architectural value you may see in this, it is unsuitable for what it was built for and it comes as no surprise that it will not be missed when and if it is demolished.
It looks like a warehouse – inside and out. It is totally unsympathetic to its purpose.
Graham H said “Can’t say I ever liked it much, but then again kids are only impressed by fairytale gothic interiors”. Could it be that children see and understand these things better? I believe they do. They have no baggage; they react to their surroundings spondaneously.
The more I see of it the more I think that modern architecture is driven by a total collapse of artisan skills. The building in question could be put together by anyone. Could they construct a “fairytale gothic” structure, be it church or ortherwise? I think not.
Modernism is regression not progression. We have lost so much- so many skills; so much artistry. Let us not pretend that this is a good thing.

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