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Whilst I fully support the various liturgical arguments, and the core tenet of the design of a church building according to its use, to suggest that taking a more streamlined approach is somewhat inferior to what had to an extent become little more than a tradition of clutter by the late 19th century is ridiculous. How can cheap plaster mouldings, mass produced stained glass, machine churned timber carvings and resin statues that became so commonplace be described as being the fruits of artisans’ considered labour? And yet this is all part of the ‘traditional’ tradition – not a modernist ideology.

I think we have to make a few distinctions here. It is true that in many churches throughout Ireland and elsewhere recourse was amde tot he purchase f mass produced fittings simply because they were cheap and funds were lacking, at the same time, this is not universally the case – and I think that point is clearly made in instances such as the Cathedrals at Cobh, Monaghan, Armagh, Killarney, and in other churches such as Maynooth College Chapel and the Honan Chapel where practically every single fitting was custom made to the architcets design.

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