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I think that many contemporary churches do not work and such buildings really reflect a strong secular aspect instead. The church in the photo looks more like a community centre or a warehouse of sorts and is so typical of the shiitty church buildings that sprang up from the 1970’s onwards. Ye’s should see the pebbled dashed windowless block that passes as a church in Corduff, Dublin. In Ballyfermot, like Cabra and other suburbs, we have a fine example of a 1950’s church, with the Church of the Assumption. Also we have the meagre litlte St. Matthews from the 1970’s with it’s unfinished exposed rafters and leaky roof. The parishioners had a collection to erect a bell tower in the 1990’s to make it more reflective of a religious building.
The era of magestic church building is long gone, just like religion too!

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