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Hi CR, I’m finally on my Christmas holidays so I got a chance to reply to your post.

Before I heard about the architecture course in UL and Merritt Bucholz’s involvement I had walked past and been very impressed by two of the buildings his firm, Bucholz McEvoy [[url]][/url], designed, the Limerick County Hall and the SAP building in Galway. When I found out the same architect was behind these buildings and the course in UL I decided to check it out.

I know the course is not yet recognised by the RIAI but this is not due to any deficiencies
in the course. It’s because the course is new and the first group of graduates from the course have to be tested by the RIAI to make sure that they have reached the standard required by the institute in their studies. Although, I can’t guarantee it, I don’t think the course will have any trouble being approved by the institute when the time comes because of the high standards of the University and the architect they have selected to head the course.

I havn’t looked at Architectural Technology yet but I will take your advice and look into it.

I have had a quick look at some of the courses in the UK, Glasgow sticks out in my head at the moment. I will be taken a closer look at a few courses in the UK, I havn’t ruled out any courses yet, UL is my number one choice at the moment but that could change after I look some other courses.

As for Architecture being soul destroying at times, that’s the kind of course I’m looking for. 🙂 What I mean by that is that one of the biggest problems with Civil Engineering for me is not that it’s not interesting, it’s that I have no passion for it, it’s a job and I’ll do it but I wont pour my heart and soul into it. I love being around well designed buildings, I love walking around them and through them and taking it all in and I know design building is a job I will love and I will be willing to put the work in if I am accepted into an architecture course.

SAP Building, Galway

Limerick County Hall

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